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Frequently asked questions
Where will The Macotta Club be located?
The Macotta Club will be located in a 20,000 sq. ft. space on the first floor of Downtown Lansing's historic Knapp's Building at 300 S. Washington Square. This is located on the corner of S. Washington Square and Washtenaw St.
When does The Macotta Club open to the public?
The Macotta Club is expected to open to the public in Winter 2024. Construction is underway!
What hours will The Macotta Club be open?
Specific hours are still being determined, but The Macotta Club will offer morning, afternoon, and night options, weekdays and weekends.
Can I order from more than one restaurant?
Yes! That’s the beauty of The Macotta Club. As a food hall-style establishment, you can grab your main dish from one restaurant, and dessert from another, and choose your own seat.
Will there be alcohol?
Yes, The Macotta Club will have a full-service bar.
Where can I learn more about employment opportunities?
Contact Julie Reinhardt to learn more about employment opportunities with The Macotta Club’s culinary entrepreneurs.
For culinary entrepreneurs
What’s an incubator kitchen?
Simply put, an incubator kitchen is an accessible space where local entrepreneurs can develop their food-related businesses. This includes all of the resources of a commercial kitchen, with equipment like ovens, grills, and deep fryers in a large, sanitary workspace. For up-and-coming restaurateurs and food makers, this is a great place to start. This offers a soft launching point to test flavors, build brands and clientele. Food entrepreneurs will be able to curate resources, experience, and the fan base needed to expand to their permanent location upon completion of the program. These makers will bring their talent, and The Macotta Club will bring the equipment they need to take their ideas to the next level.
What types of restaurants and food businesses will be a part of The Macotta Club?
The Macotta Club is designed for culinary entrepreneurs in the beginning stages of building their business who are looking to establish a foundation before expanding into the larger Lansing and mid-Michigan market. Therefore, this model is best suited for those who have never opened a physical location before and are just getting started. Restaurants, food trucks, and food makers (those selling takeaway items such as bakers, coffee shops, etc.) are all invited to get involved.
What support and resources will be provided for The Macotta Club’s restaurateurs and food makers?

Those in The Macotta Club’s cohort of culinary entrepreneurs receive growth supports to help them establish a foundation for their business. This includes:

  • A branded restaurant space in a food hall environment
  • A state-of-the-art shared commercial kitchen
  • Innovative business programming
  • Partnerships and mentoring with industry experts
  • Below market rate rent and reduced startup costs
  • Marketing and brand support
  • A prime location at the historic Knapp’s Centre in Downtown Lansing
How long do restaurants and food makers operate out of The Macotta Club?
Each cohort of culinary entrepreneurs lasts 24 months, though business owners have the option to leave before then if they secure a permanent location during that time. The goal is that, at the conclusion of the program, entrepreneurs will have the resources, experience, and clientele needed to expand to a permanent location.
How do I apply to be a part of a culinary cohort at The Macotta Club, and where can I learn more?
Apply here to join The Macotta Club’s next cohort of culinary entrepreneurs. If you’re interested in learning more, have questions, or would like to see if this might be a good fit for you, contact Julie Reinhardt.
For investors and partners
What was the motivation for creating The Macotta Club?
The Macotta Club concept was born out of interest received from Middle Village Micro Market as more and more food-based businesses were looking for a low risk way to expand their business and grow their brand, without jumping right into a bricks and mortar space. Downtown Lansing Inc. created The Macotta Club as an incubator-model solution to help culinary entrepreneurs discover their potential and, simultaneously, demonstrate the potential of Downtown Lansing with a dynamic, lively atmosphere.
Who operates The Macotta Club?

Downtown Lansing Inc. raised funding to kick off The Macotta Club and manage the lease, build out the space, and get the idea running, but the Macotta Club will operate as its own business entity.

Downtown Lansing Inc., as part of Michigan's Capital City, feels a responsibility to design progressive recovery programs, and innovative shared spaces like The Macotta Club, with the intent to share what we learn with other communities throughout Michigan and beyond.

How is The Macotta Club funded?

The Macotta Club is made possible by funding from the State of Michigan as well as private investors. Supporters from individuals to corporations will help make this vision a reality. There are still investment options for interested partners to be a part of this historic project. For more information on how you can play a role, please contact Julie Reinhardt.

How will The Macotta Club impact Downtown Lansing and the surrounding region?

We’re glad you asked! The Macotta Club will be a catalyst for creating a 24/7 downtown experience and a space for inclusive community connection. Our goal is that 51% of program participants represent women or BIPOC owned businesses to ensure a diverse business mix within downtown Lansing.


Repurposing a long-vacant space in an architecturally significant building, The Macotta Club will cause a ripple effect on the local Downtown economy, inspiring spinoff development for investors, businesses and residents as we reimagine Downtown Lansing into a more vibrant, inclusive neighborhood and business district. And as an incubator model, we are hoping that many participants will open their own shops in Downtown Lansing after completion of the program.

How will The Macotta Club differ from traditional restaurants and other food halls?
The Macotta Club is structured to offer numerous dining choices under one roof. Therefore, there is no need to order from just one establishment — you could grab a main dish from one place, dessert from another, and a cocktail from the bar. Additionally, The Macotta Club is an incubator program, meaning that food makers at The Macotta Club are earlier in their entrepreneurial journey than might be the case at other food halls.
I’m in a different municipality, and am interested in opening a food incubator establishment with a business model as The Macotta Club. Where can I learn more about doing this?
We’d love to help! Downtown Lansing Inc., as part of Michigan's Capital City, feels a responsibility to share what we learn with other communities throughout Michigan and beyond. Reach out to Julie Reinhardt for more information on starting a similar establishment in your area.
How can I partner with or support The Macotta Club?
You can be part of this once in a lifetime opportunity to design a more vibrant, sustainable downtown that represents all the people and places of Michigan. Unique promotional and naming opportunities are available to publicly situate your organization as a partner of The Macotta Club — providing the chance to be among the first to put your stamp on a lasting legacy. By partnering and supporting The Macotta Club, your organization can demonstrate its commitment to Downtown Lansing’s future. Contact Julie Reinhardt for more information on how you or your organization can play a part.